Every January we as a church enter into a time of prayer and fasting to help us refocus our hearts on God and experience His direction, His power, His blessings, and His breakthroughs in our lives.

Mid-Day Prayer Meetings

We want to provide multiple opportunities for prayer at the Church. Join us at our Bear or Middletown campuses for mid-day prayer:
Mondays - Thursdays, January 9 - 26, 12 - 1 PM. 

Special Communion

On the final day of our fast, we will have a unique communion experience during Sunday services.
Sunday, January 29

Worship Night

To conclude this incredible journey, we will host a worship night!
Wednesday, February 1, 6:30 PM, Bear Campus

Facts on Fasting

Why should I fast? Fasting is a spiritual discipline that can bring greater clarity and revelation. 
• Definition: To abstain from physical nourishment for a time for spiritual reasons.
• Types: 1) Water only. 2) Restriction of normal diet (i.e. Daniel 10:2-3).  Or consider maintaining an attitude of personal denial by avoiding unnecessary foods, such as sugar or carbohydrates.  
• Methods: Choose one day, several days, or all 21 days. Choose one meal, two meals or all three. (Note, if you have health concerns, please check with your physician first.)  
• Biblical Attitudes Toward Fasting:     
     - Turning from Sin (2 Chron. 7:14-15, Daniel 9:1-23).      
     - Seeking God’s Will (Luke 4:1-14, Esther 4).      
     - Expecting Answers (Daniel 10:1-14, Acts 13:1-4).
• Other Considerations: Limit things that present distractions (i.e. TV, video games and social media), or pleasurable substances such as alcohol or tobacco.