We are a church that believes in the power of prayer. That’s why twice a year we put a priority on 21 Days of Prayer. In January, we encourage prayer with fasting, and in August, we pray without a fast, unless you so desire. If you want to receive direction, see breakthroughs, usher in revival -- or just desire to get closer to God this year -- 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting will help you maintain the commitment to pray and deepen your relationship with God. In years' past, many of us have witnessed the powerful impact of prayer on our relationships, work, families, and other areas our lives! We hope you will consider participating in some way!


In addition to your daily personal prayer time, we invite you to participate in our Churchwide Prayer Meetings, held on Wednesday nights at 7 PM on January 5, 12 & 19. These meetings last one hour and will enable you to participate in worship, private prayer and corporate intercession. During our final prayer meeting on January 19, you will have the opportunity to receive personal prayer from one of our pastors.

Submit "Top 3" Prayer Requests

Prayer Points

During 21 Days of Prayer, we will intercede for your "Top 3" personal prayer needs and the "Top 3" people you want to see come closer to Christ!
Use these Prayer Points to help you pray more specifically for your family, church, community, nation and world.

Personal Prayer Guide

Our Personal Prayer Guide is filled with tips and tools to help you pray more effectively.

Facts on Fasting

Fasting is a next step that can bring greater clarity and revelation. This Facts on Fasting Guide will help!