Staff Picks on RightNow Media

Josh Ginter's Pick

Our mind can be a wild battleground. Until you Get Out of Your Head you'll be fighting within. This series makes you take a hard look at your thought life and the impact it has on you daily. I highly suggest this for everyone! (6-week study) 

Hilary Buckworth's Pick

Jo Saxton does a fantastic job breaking down the book of Philippians - having joy in the midst of sorrow, choosing unity instead of division, and holding onto peace in a life of sacrifice. (8-week study)

Jonathan James' Pick

Reckless Love was a fun series, not just for youth but we leaders felt challenged and encouraged to rethink what loving like Jesus really looks like in today's world. So many of the testimonies hit home and covered a wide range of topics and issues. (4-week study)

Jess Hipkin's Pick

I did the Breathing Room for Moms devotional during the peak of COVID. This series was a game changer, especially while trying to figure out new normals.  I hopped on a Zoom call with some other mommas and we learned a lot. We loved it! (6-week study)