At Love of Christ Church, we are committed to helping you find your purpose and become all God has destined you to be! Growth Track is a four-week series of steps that will help you get connected to the family of believers, understand how God has uniquely gifted you, develop your personal leadership and use your God-given gifts to make a difference in others' lives. Growth Track is held the first four Sundays of every month: Bear Campus at 11:30 AM | Middletown Campus at 12:30 PM (see Info Center at your campus for room location).
step ONE
become a member

step ONE - become a member

In step ONE, you will find out how we got started, what fuels our vision and values, and the benefits of connecting to us through membership! This step is required to become a member. Held the first Sunday of every month. 
step TWO
discover your design

step TWO - discover your design

In step TWO, you'll understand ways God has uniquely created your personality, identify your spiritual gifts, and discover how your design reveals the path to fulfilling your destiny! Held the second Sunday of every month. 
step THREE
develop your leadership

step THREE - develop you leadership

In step THREE, you will learn how to maximize your potential to influence others and make an eternal difference in their lives! Held the third Sunday of every month. 
step FOUR
make a difference

step FOUR - make a difference

In step FOUR, you’ll find out how to use your gifts and abilities to bless others and open their hearts to receive God's love, while serving on a team that interests you! Held the fourth Sunday of every month.